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Argentina Cultura y Pasion

featuring Minino Garay

Cecilia Suarez-Paz,Franco Luciani & more

The Forge, Camden - 3-7 Delancey Street, London, United Kingdom

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Doors open at 7:30pm

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a celebration of Argentine music

- Lineup 21st (in order of appearance): Guillermo Rozenthuler, Franco Luciani, Cecilia Suarez-Paz & Duettango + DJ

- Lineup 22nd (in order of appearance): Guillermo Rozenthuler, Cecilia Suarez-Paz & Duettango, Minino Garay + DJ

Sixteen years after its first glorious edition, Argentina - Cultura y Pasion returns to London with the latest talent from under southern skies. Its mission has always been simple: to present the best of the best, with the only criteria in demand is GENIALITY. A trait Argentina has in abundance.
In the year 2000, the likes of Adriana Varela, Soledad and the Piazzolla Sextet graced the stage at The Barbican. A lot has happened in Argentinian music since, and the evolution has been anything but great.

Franco Luciani is the young Argentinian TooTs Thielemans, moving across styles, from Jazz and Folk to Milonga and Tango. He makes his instrument sound different.

Cecilia Suarez-Paz is descended from some of the greatest Tango performers of all time. Her father Fernando was Piazzolla's violinist in the last 20 years of his life, and she has been steeped in the tradition like few ever had the chance.

Minino Garay has been described as the greatest "Jazz Percussionist" of all time, which is oddly amusing. There have never been any jazz percussionists... as far as anyone is aware. But this describes this charismatic and talented percussionist from Cordoba. Dee Dee Bridgewater feel in love with him, and invited him to be the shepherd of her band from there on.

Finally, our local Argentine performer, Guillermo Rozenthuler will be opening both nights with a collection of Argentine and Latin American classics, with the participation of the beautiful and melodic jazz singer Mishka Adams and Argentine bass divo, Javier Fioramonti.

The Artists

Perhaps one of the world's most charismatic "Jazz Percussionists (and he assures me he is the only one) has ever seen. Minino has his roots in Cordoba, a beautiful university town in the middle of Argentina. The Cordobeses are born actors, and Minino was definitely also born a musician. That makes him extremely charismatic and fun to watch.
Dee Dee Bridgewater also seemed to share this opinion, when she met him and asked him to join her band as the shepherd of the crew. As a musician, there's no question Minino belongs to the elite and whilst he has performed alongside the likes of Dee Dee.
Vocalist/percussionist Minino Garay performs a variety of music influenced by rhythms and folk melodies from South America and India, and touched by such modern trends as rap (which is used sparingly). He delivers an outstanding performance full character and of Argentine flavors.

Franco is one of those artists who surprises you from the very first time you set your ears on him. His performance alongside Mercedes Sosa were memorable, and led him to being invited with Alberto Rojo, to parttake in what would effectively be her last European tour in July 2008.
He has often been compared to Toots Thielemans, albeit with a very Argentine sound. His ability to tranform the harmonica into a bandoneon is nothing short of exceptional.
He comes in a trio, ready to lift the roof off the Forge, with the sounds of Chacareras, Zambas, Milongas and Tango. One of the more exceptional musicians I have ever come across.


Cecilia is the closest artist one could describe as Tango Royalty. Her family has been steeped in Tango tradition for a number of generations. Cecilia's father, Fernando has been defined by numerous as the finest violinist of his generation, and baptised by Astor Piazzolla with whom he played during 20 years, as the "showgirl of the band".
Cecilia studied under the finest teachers and performed as a vocalist from a very young age. In 2013 she released "Renacere", an album visiting the Piazzolla repertoire and directed by her father, and with the collaboration of great Tango pianist Nicolas Guerschberg.
Her collaboration with Duettango began in 2015 when her and her father were invited by the Symphonic Orchestra of Calabria to perform the operetta Maria de Buenos Aires. The collaboration kicked off to great critical acclaim.


Cesare Chiacchiaretta
Born in Chieti, Cesare Chiacchiaretta devoted himself to the study of the accordion at a very young age, later taking up the bandoneon. Cesare Chiacchiaretta has performed for the most prestigious concert institutions in Italy and abroad both as a soloist and in several chamber music ensembles. In 1991 he was chosen to be the only Italian representative at the annual World Accordion Championships (International Confederation of Accordionists) organised by UNESCO.
Filippo Arlia
Filippo Arlia is an Italian pianist, conductor and soloist. He obtained his piano degree with honors, at the Conservatory “F. Torrefranca” in Vibo Valentia at the age of 17th, with M. Antonella Barbarossa. He had many experiences as solist and conductor with the most prestigeous orchestra in Italy and abroad.

In 2003, Guillermo founded Rioplatenses, a band dedicated to play and promote the folkloric music from Argentina. They performed at most of Britain's major festivals, including Womad, City of London, SouthBank Festival and many others.

A soulful singer and a versatile improviser, Guillermo's originals and his distinctive take on popular songs from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Cuba are sometimes influenced by Middle Eastern and Indian vocal styles. He has performed and regularly appears in some of London's major Jazz and World music venues, such as Pizza Express Live, Ronnie Scotts, Kings Place, Green Note.

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